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We are experts in the following:

  • transcreation or translation-adapting of creative messages for the advertising and creative industries
  • copywriting and copyediting
  • editorial translation
  • fiction translation (see examples below)
  • non-fiction translation
  • multilingual awareness-raising copywriting and creation of visuals, especially in the fields of environmental conservation and civic responsibility (see below)
  • marketing and technical marketing translation
  • marketing documents & blogs on wellbeing, nutrition & essential oils, beauty & cosmetics*
  • translation-adaptation of websites
  • ISEO, keyword planning, search and transcreation
  • brochures
  • corporate documents*
  • business and financial translation*
  • interpreting for NGOs and UN agencies

Translation for publishing

Rouge: A Novel of Beauty and Rivalry

by Richard Kirshenbaum (Author) in English (United States)


Les audacieuses (édition française)

Published on 11 March 2021 – Parution le 11 mars 2021 aux éditions Michel Lafon

Extrait :
Le rouge disposait de son essence propre. Un statut à part lui était réservé, à l’écart des pâtes, poudres et autres onguents de l’époque. Le rouge était lourd d’une signification profonde, s’inspirant de l’apparence d’une femme sollicitant le contact, osant la provocation. Le rouge était la couleur de l’invitation, de l’excitation, des préambules et de la langueur érotiques (…)

The Infinity Pool

by Jessica Norrie (Author), in English (United Kingdom)

Translation into French (France) – Traduction en français (France), Isabelle Rouault-Röhlich

Version française

100 innovations qui ont révolutionné la pub

Manager les vendeurs du luxe

manager les vendeurs du luxe



Here are a few examples of multilingual awareness-raising copywriting for a UN Call for participation. See the environmental awareness-raising tab of this site for more details.

This is a piece of web infographics Against Covid19 that I did in collaboration with Harrison Gates, Senior Designer at Nine Worthy for the WHO. They illustrate Physical Distancing as part of the UN/WHO Global Call Out To Creatives to make informative coronavirus visuals. 

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Here are some books translated and adapted from German and English by Philipp Röhlich

Corporate brochures and copywriting

Corporate events and endorsement


*We are sorry that we may not provide any samples of our work in the fields of expertise marked with an asterisk as we are bound by non-disclosure agreements