Environmental Awareness-Raising

Zero Impact Beachgoing in 8 Steps

As a multilingual copywriter and translator, what I do is called “transcreation”. I take a short message, a tagline, a buzzword, any marketing copy and “trans-create” from one language into another to arrive at a message precisely attuned to the target language. I have a passion for the environment, for defending a sustainable future for my two children and all others, and especially around the Med. Now, this is a very bad time for the environment and for the fight against plastics and microplastics in particular. Plastics are a bane for the environment and are stifling the Med. Now they are being thrown away and blown away into the sea even more because of the increase in plastic gear —most of it single use— to protect ourselves. 

I have worked on awareness-raising posters and am delighted to offer my latest complete and impactful campaign to all private sector companies committed to the fight against plastic pollution.

This is totally pro bono. The aim is to disseminate these posters online, in print or in whatever way possible to benefit us all.

This campaign was crafted in 5 languages with the help of Harrison Gates of Nine Worthy (www.nineworthy.com) for the artwork of Step 7, Castlerock Brewery in Nottingham for the sea turtle design used in Step 2, Lavinia Giannetinno of Eurolinguae (www.eurolinguae.com) for the Italian review, Alicia Martorell ((https://about.me/aliciamartorell) for the Spanish review , Andrea Klatt for the German (www.andreaklatt.com). I thank my South Tyrolean father in law for his positive criticism! Thank you all!