About us


My name is Isabelle Rouault. I am French-born and bred. The rest of me is English! My grandfather worked in Her Majesty’s Service as a Chef at the Paris Embassy and I have heard and spoken English since childhood.

I studied English and Spanish at Paris X and Exeter University) and then read these languages as part of a translation and interpreting degree in Paris (ISIT Paris).

I lived and worked in Paris for many years and for almost 10 years in Exeter (Devonshire) and then London—and have fond memories of Fulham Broadway, Portobello, Hampstead Heath and Belsize Park where I lived for 3 years and, incidentally, also studied Italian.

Philipp Röhlich is my colleague and partner. He is Franco-German and has always been a keen writer, journalist and translator. Multilingualism runs in the family for this son of a South Tyrolean born and educated in Italy with German as his mother tongue!

We both studied at Paris X University, Institut Supérieur d’Interprétation et de Traduction (ISIT Paris) and École Supérieure de Journalisme (ESJ) and Exeter University in the UK. Our passion for languages goes back over twenty years.

Between us, we command five languages – French, English, German, Spanish and Italian. We work into French, our native language and our other target languages are covered by our network of colleagues in France, the UK and US, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and the Canary Islands!

Images or examples speak volumes, so here are excerpts taken from past assignments. This show how we can make a difference for you, bridging both culture gaps and language barriers.


We are experts in the following:

  • marketing documents & blogs on wellbeing, nutrition & essential oils, beauty & cosmetics*
  • transcreation or translation of creative messages for the advertising and creative industries
  • marketing and technical marketing translation
  • translation-adaptation of websites
  • tourist brochures and texts on gastronomy & menus
  • corporate documents*
  • business and financial translation*
  • liaison, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, notably for NGOs and UN agencies
  • fiction translation
  • non-fiction translation
  • copywriting and copyediting
  • multilingual awareness-raising copywriting and creation of visuals, especially in the fields of environmental conservation and civic responsibility (Environmental Awareness-Raising)


What our authors, co-workers and clients say about us:

I owe huge thanks to Isabelle Rouault-Röhlich, who’s patiently translated my first novel. She deseerves great success with this project. This interview introduces her and explains the process of translating someone else’s book.

“I have found Isabelle to be a thoughtful and conscientious Project Leader, as well as an excellent communicator both with myself and with our client, a prestigious Parisian art magazine. From my experience, Isabelle is a seasoned translator with very strong linguistic and cultural knowledge of French and English.”

“[ …] the wonderful work you did on Translating Rouge into French. Merci Beaucoup! Thanks again and I look forward to more books and translations with you.

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