Going back to school and… to our mission!

It is time to leave the holidays behind. No, I don’t really mean that! That would sound like holidays are the only fun times of the year!!! Well that’s not true. As a freelancer and as a person, I find that I have a lot of fun when I’m working as well! So much so that I think of work when I’m on holiday! And this is a good thing, mind you! In fact, If I see my work as my mission everywhere I go, this is because these two elements are always intertwined at work and off work. I may even not be the only one!

So it is time to go back to work with a smile on my face, now that I have recharged my batteries! And as far as we are concerned at Wordistas, it is time to think about pursuing our mission! Our prime mission is to make it easier for different cultures to interact, that is to come into contact. How do we do that? By helping a message spread its wings to travel from one language to another, carrying everything that each word encompasses – mentalities, ways of perceiving space, people, ways to envisage a rapport between individuals, gastronomy, wine, outdoorsy or indoorsy pursuits, literature, the arts and all the beautiful things that make a culture what it is compared to another.

A word is not just a word, it is a linguistic set and behind it a region, a county or a province or state – such is a culture. This is why a message does not go from one language to another of its own accord, should I say in the flicker of an eyelash, or flicking randomly through the dictionary!

It needs help. Otherwise, how would a concept (that’s a good word) like “flirt” have crossed the English channel to materialise, taking its inspiration from the French “conter fleurette”, among hundreds of other phrases and idioms? Granted, all idiomatic words are not so flowery, but a message is made up of carefully chosen words that convey a particular meaning – meaning is a key word, truly.

Here’s an example: I was just strolling casually on my way to the beach, work 100% off my mind when I stopped to enjoy the view but my mission being my mission 100% of the time… I had to catch a glimpse of a message in both Catalan and English on the lifeguards’ yellow booth…

A lovely view of summer and good times!
Now let’s get closer to read the announcement, oops!

Now let’s move closer to this yellow cabin. In English one can read “Out of service”. Of course, what is meant here is that when the lifeguards on the beaches of Catalonia are off duty, there is no rescue service. But nothing is “out of service” here, nor does the bright yellow booth break down out of hours. However, the Catalan equivalent to describe the situation when there’s no lifeguard service is “fora de servei”, i.e. “out of service”! And someone here obviously had a quick look in the dictionary and then forgot to call on the services of a professional to convey one message from one culture to another…. Ouch!

Here is another example:

Holidays ooze sensations that are all about sea, sun, suntan, beach-going, sailing, winding down, cocktails, eating out, dining and wining loved ones and friends, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, picnics and also takeaways! These are all key words that convey a message.

Fake Chicken – a “Superaliment”?

Well, when visiting a foreign country or as an expat who does not have a great command of the local language yet (this is not based on a true story, nah!),  one might pick up the odd leaflet or menu in English, in French or in German, just to compare and maybe learn a few words. Well, this is insane. Don’t! Or at your own peril!

Sadly, “Fake Chicken” is not one of these “Superaliments” (see leaflet) all foodies are raving on about!?!

Writing a marketing message or a text for communications or commercial purposes is an arduous and tricky task that is best tackled by a native professional who has an excellent command of the language, is an expert writer and has expertise in coining slogans and taglines to quite simply hit the nail right on the head by using the right word in a given situation!

So dear restaurants owners, municipalities, institutional and corporate purchasing department heads, please be reminded to use the services of professional copy writers and editors as well as translators! And do think about doing this before summer hits on us so we can help you. Everyone needs a holiday after all!

A word to the Town Mayor –

I wanted to share our thank you note to Abigail Garrido, the Town Mayor of Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona, for welcoming us on board this great brand new versatile co-work space where we now have a nice office to start up our new multilingual content business in style and with colleagues with whom we will surely find synergies to work on!

Hola bon dia, Senyora alcaldessa,

Voldria donar-li les gràcies per l’oportunitat de tenir un despatx dins el marc de l’espai Empreses Roquetas.

Jo no parlo Català, asi que he escrit aquest petit text amb antelació. Els especialistes dels idiomes i de la comunicació multilingüe tenim el desavantatge de la nostra passió pels idiomes i necessitem anys d’estudi d’una llengua abans de sentir que podem expressar-nos en confiança, perquè això és la nostra professió.

Lo que tenim clar és que volem adaptar nos i col·laborar ràpidament amb vostès.

Espero que puguem ajudar Sant Pere de Ribes a tenir un paper nacional i internacional adaptant el missatge de les seves empreses i diverses entitats privades o públiques, i ajudar-los a exportar especialment en el sector del medi ambient, dels productes ecològics i de la vinicultura, o millorant els missatges turístics locals.

Gràcies de nou per la vostra confiança.

Señora alcaldesa – Quisiera darle las gracias por la oportunidad de tener un despacho dentro del marco del espacio empresas Roquetas.

Yo no hablo Catalán entonces he escrito esta nota con antelación. Los especialistas de los idiomas y de la comunicación multilingüe padecemos de la desventaja de nuestra pasión por los idiomas. Necesitamos anos de estudio de una lengua antes de sentir que podemos expresarnos en confianza porque esto es nuestra profesión. Pero solo tenemos unas minutas. Lo que es cierto es que queremos actuar y desarrollarnos ahora mismo!

Espero que podamos ayudar Sant Pere de Ribes a tener un papel nacional e internacional adaptando el mensaje de sus empresas y diversas entidades privadas o publicas, y ayudarles a exportar. También queremos adaptar los mensajes turísticos locales. Gracias de nuevo por vuestra confianza.

Isabelle Rouault-Röhlich – wordistas – wordistas@icloud.com

The beginning of wordistas!

This has been in the making for a long time – four years, precisely!


This has been in the making since January 2018 in terms of moving countries, getting our workspace, our strategy and our positioning organised.


And yesterday, 25th of July, 2018 in the province of Barcelona, it all became a reality. After months of preparation, the door keys and the wifi passcode to our workspace were finally officially handed to us. We are now based at EE in a lovely place called Les Roquetes just off Sitges, Barcelona. True, by nature, we already had an abode somewhere in the web space of course, but as a startup with a will to scale up, we needed an old-fashioned office! However, this is not old at all, this is a brand new shared office space with all mod cons and with new colleagues from all walks of life – can’t wait to set all the synergies in motion!


Link to press release:

press release

Now this is all done, we are going to be able to do some serious work for companies, big and small, using lots of synergies with our network of subcontractors and professionals as well as co-workers.


Thank you Senyora Alcaldessa (Abigail Garrido, Mayor of Sant P. de Ribes, Barcelona), for your trust.

We are now ready to tackle new challenges!

Bring it on…