True, COVID-19 is a bane. But could there be a boon behind it?

The boon could be the revival and the rebirth of nature, less and less constrained by human pollution.

There is only one way —keeping up the good work.

COVID-19 HAS REVEALED THAT POLLUTION could be stopped, and then reduced if the effort would continue. If we push this rationale further, we can imagine that the plastic ocean out there could be tackled efficiently. Isn’t it high time we started to think seriously about reducing our plastic consumption, starting with one simple gesture—saying no to single-use plastic altogether.


Here are 20 small actions that could do wonders for the planet —20 easy kind gestures that will have a snowball effect and make a BIG difference.

Let’s think. If less petrol is being used, less petrol will be produced. If no single-use plastics are being consumed and less plastic is being bought, the production of plastic will go down.

It all starts with the following 20 actions that we can easily invite into our daily routines.

20 small actions can unleash an incredible power!


Published by

Isabelle Rouault-Röhlich

A versatile and passionate linguist, as well as an environmentalist, I endeavour to make sure that words keep their true colours during the process that involves going from one language and culture to another, instead of fading away in the great multilingual and Euro-English wash! I am a great believer in translation and interpreting as a means of conveying a clear and more poignant message for an ever more demanding multilingual audience. I also believe that a polished written message is a powerful tool to advance progress. I am a mother of two and these two are my light beacon! I am French born and bred although I have always spoken English and developed a special connection with the culture and language from a very early age, as my grandad worked for the British Embassy in Paris. I am also a lover of Spain. My husband is Franco-German. How is this for an interesting language ensemble?!

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