In 2020, let’s achieve 20 actions for our planet



New Year to all!!!


Wait, though, this is not all!!! There’s something else!

There is something else we have to say this January. That concerns the year 2020, and also the new decade. Because this year we did not only see out 2019. We have just waived goodbye or said hello to a whole decade! There’s a big symbol here and we should feel a sense of responsibility towards Mother Earth.

In a nutshell, the 2020s are going to be crucial, paramount, essential, for our future.

So just look at the following vignettes. There are going to be 20 of them! Sorry if the first one is a bit blunt. The idea behind it was to show we need umph. We felt it had to be impactful!


2020 greetings.jpg2020 greetings_Action 2

Published by

Isabelle Rouault-Röhlich

A versatile and passionate linguist, as well as an environmentalist, I endeavour to make sure that words keep their true colours during the process that involves going from one language and culture to another, instead of fading away in the great multilingual and Euro-English wash! I am a great believer in translation and interpreting as a means of conveying a clear and more poignant message for an ever more demanding multilingual audience. I also believe that a polished written message is a powerful tool to advance progress. I am a mother of two and these two are my light beacon! I am French born and bred although I have always spoken English and developed a special connection with the culture and language from a very early age, as my grandad worked for the British Embassy in Paris. I am also a lover of Spain. My husband is Franco-German. How is this for an interesting language ensemble?!

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