The beginning of wordistas!

This has been in the making for a long time – four years, precisely!


This has been in the making since January 2018 in terms of moving countries, getting our workspace, our strategy and our positioning organised.


And yesterday, 25th of July, 2018 in the province of Barcelona, it all became a reality. After months of preparation, the door keys and the wifi passcode to our workspace were finally officially handed to us. We are now based at EE in a lovely place called Les Roquetes just off Sitges, Barcelona. True, by nature, we already had an abode somewhere in the web space of course, but as a startup with a will to scale up, we needed an old-fashioned office! However, this is not old at all, this is a brand new shared office space with all mod cons and with new colleagues from all walks of life – can’t wait to set all the synergies in motion!


Link to press release:

press release

Now this is all done, we are going to be able to do some serious work for companies, big and small, using lots of synergies with our network of subcontractors and professionals as well as co-workers.


Thank you Senyora Alcaldessa (Abigail Garrido, Mayor of Sant P. de Ribes, Barcelona), for your trust.

We are now ready to tackle new challenges!

Bring them on…


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Isabelle Rouault-Röhlich

A versatile and passionate linguist, as well as an environmentalist, I endeavour to make sure that words keep their true colours during the process that involves going from one language and culture to another, instead of fading away in the great multilingual and Euro-English wash! I am a great believer in translation and interpreting as a means of conveying a clear and more poignant message for an ever more demanding multilingual audience. I also believe that a polished written message is a powerful tool to advance progress. I am a mother of two and these two are my light beacon! I am French born and bred although I have always spoken English and developed a special connection with the culture and language from a very early age, as my grandad worked for the British Embassy in Paris. I am also a lover of Spain. My husband is Franco-German. How is this for an interesting language ensemble?!

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